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Professional training
University of Naples “Federico II”, Law.
Registered in the Naples Bar.

Specialisations and skills
Civil law, debt collection, labor law and family law.

Professional experiences
Specialized in civil law at the MCM School of the Giudice Militerni of Naples.
Qualified as mediator and professional conciliator at the School of Specialization and Perfection of Conciliation at the MCM Conciliare School of Salerno.
Legal manager for the Public Works Superintendency of Naples in 2003 in some testing procedures of public buildings in Campania and Tuscany.
Vice President of A.I.D.A.P., The Italian Association of Young Lawyers and Practitioners which since 2005 has been carrying out various information, study and updating activities for young lawyers.
Lawyer of several construction companies followed both for the drafting of public and private procurement contracts, and in credit recovery.

Contact us: barbara.delisa@celegal.it

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