Our activities

Work areas


We provide assistance and consultation in the establishment of businesses and companies, in negotiation and the draw up of national and international contracts, including those for sale, distribution, joint venture, agencies and representation, franchising.


We have acquired recognised expertise in all aspects in the area of litigation and we represent entities, national and international businesses before higher courts and European courts. The widespread branch network of the Firm allows us to directly help the companies in all the principal Italian cities with an innovative system aimed to obtain a considerable reduction of cost for the representation of juridical procedures.

Infrastructure and transport

*** Il nostro gruppo Infrastruttura fornisce consulenza ai clienti in ogni fase dello sviluppo, costruzione, finanziamento, acquisizione, proprietà e gestione di progetti infrastrutturali, nonché acquisizione e finanziamento di società infrastrutturali.


Our team assists industrial companies in the ordinary and extraordinary corporal activities. We support our clients in the spin off operations, transactions, leasing contracts and transfer of business complexes. We aid in the build up and management of the start up phases of new firms.

Administrative Regulations

We represent entities and companies before administrative regulations providing advice on revision, negotiation and public contract drafting. We offer assistance for tenders and relations with public entities, supporting businesses in all stages of the relationship with the client.

Alternative dispute resolution

Evaluating the appeal of mediation and arbitration provides an essential part of our job in assisting businesses. Our lawyers are amongst the pioneers in using the ADR methods in Italy and they have gained profound and specialized experiences in Italy, England and the United States. We represent clients in the procedures of mediation as well as national and international arbitration.


We assist the companies during the phases of reorganization and renovation flanked by the entrepreneur in operation, in the short term, of management change and downsizing, as well as in all aspects of insolvency. In the medium term we offer support in market repositioning, reshaping and expansion of business areas, looking for partners and supplies.

Data protection

*** Lo Studio offre consulenza in ambito privacy per migliorare la produttività e l’immagine aziendale (dalla fase preliminare di analisi e consulenza, all’elaborazione documentale e assistenza successiva) svolgendo, inoltre, corsi di formazione del personale in materia.


*** Il nostro team assiste le aziende e ne salvaguarda la reputazione e l'immagine, fornendo una consulenza per una gestione che garantisca la conformità con le leggi, le politiche e le normative vigenti relative alle attività svolte e al rapporto con i clienti, in linea con le migliori pratiche internazionali.


We support organizations and companies in the industrial relations for the issues regarding labour law. Thus is in the process of activation (negotiation and drafting of relative contracts and agreements) that in the phase of development (mobbing disciplinary procedures, demotions) and the termination (resignation, dismissal) of the relations. We provide technical operation support to the functions that manage human resources and labour relations, and we take on the defence of our clients in labour judgement.

Real estate

We assist our clientele in contract drafting and in the management of disputes concerning rights in rem. We provide advice in the sales and purchases of real estate complexes even in the process of contribution to the asset management companies.

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